49 Langarans Original

Celebrating our best 49.

Our community of Langarans has helped to make the College what it is today. To celebrate our 49th year on 49th Avenue, we need your help to identify 49 exceptional Langarans. From founders to change makers and visionaries, nominate a former student, alumni, past or present employee, or community partner who you think has had the greatest impact on Langara, their profession, or out in the community.

Help us celebrate the best of Langara and nominate an exceptional Langaran you know before March 31. All nominees will be recognized at a special event on November 6, 2019 alongside Langara Emeriti and past Outstanding Alumni Award recipients.

About 49 Langarans

What is the 49 Langarans Awards?

The 49 Langarans is a special anniversary award that will form part of Langara’s 49th anniversary celebration campaign, Beyond 49. The 49 Langarans is a celebration of Langara’s exceptional community members, culminating in a special recognition event on November 6, 2019. 49 Langarans is an opportunity to highlight the achievements and contributions of our broader community of Langarans, in particular those who have not have been recognized in the past.

All nominees and selected 49 Langarans will be recognized, alongside Langara Emeriti and Outstanding Alumni Award recipients at a reception on November 6.

What is a Langaran?
Langarans are all former students, graduates, current and past employees, as well as community partners of Langara.

Who is considered to be a 49 Langaran?
A 49 Langaran is:

  • A former student, graduate, current or former employee, or community partner
  • Has had a significant impact on Langara, their profession, or out in the community
  • Has not been previously recognized as an Emeritus or Outstanding Alumni Award recipient

Nominations may be posthumous and nominations for sitting politicians will be considered. Current students are not eligible.

Nominations will be considered under three categories:

  • Founder – A Langaran who has helped to create or establish a program, organization, or initiative that has had a significant positive impact on the College or their profession
  • Visionary – A Langaran who has inspired the community, their profession or the institution to work together towards a better future
  • Change-maker – A Langaran who has created real change in their profession, at the institution, or within the community through their leadership and efforts

The 49 Langarans will be celebrated and honoured alongside Langara Emeriti and past Outstanding Alumni Awards recipients at our event in November.

Who can nominate?
Anyone within our community can submit a nomination before March 31, 2019.