Celebrate with us.

Every anniversary needs a celebration. At Langara, we want to make sure we have a celebration fitting for our 49th year. It means a 18-month celebration, lots of cake, and you, our community, coming out to celebrate with us. 

Reconnect with former classmates and instructors. Let’s commemorate nearly five decades of education, community impact, and student success together. Be part of the celebration! 

Connect with us to hear about upcoming Beyond 49 events and activities.

What does Langara mean to you Add Your Voice

We all have a memory worth sharing. Help us celebrate and tell us what you enjoyed about Langara. Need more space?

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I'm Celebrating

  • What are you most excited to celebrate about Langara?
  • Your Name
  • 20+ years of working with people who share and enjoy the common goal of making a difference in students' lives. – Jim Bowers
  • I'm celebrating the continued opportunity to support faculty, staff, and students through their journey at Langara. – Mark Adams
  • I love the community of professionals I've come to know over the years through involvement in both theatre and film. – Chris Baker
  • Celebrating the WOW! of Langara...the energy, enthusiasm, excitement and fun of helping our students and each other accomplish our goals. – Barb Wuhrer
  • I will be celebrating the many successes of students who have completed their studies at Langara and have become leaders in their professional careers. – Ryan Cawsey
  • An amazing institution with even better people!
  • I'm celebrating... 1991-2018... dating back to our separation from VCC in 1994.... – Ian McBain
  • How I have seen the things we do and the way we care transform the lives of so many students. It is uplifting and warms my heart. – Brian McGibney
  • The success of the school. – Austin Everett
  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, health, sustainability, and the Langara Gala along with the wonderful opportunities for musical connections it provided. – Susan Calvert
  • The great instructors – Joanne Day
  • I will celebrate YOU. 49 is a perfect square (meaning 49, 7 to the power of 2). This college celebrated only 7 of them, but there are plenty of perfect things we can celebrate with our students and faculty. – Nora Franzova
  • My 1.5 years of being a Langaran – Jasmeen Kaur
  • I love studying at Langara and meeting amazing classmates and teachers. – Monika Szucs
  • I am most excited to be back at Langara where I took my first step to becoming a Registered Social Worker AND to see 54-40 at Community Day!! – Bee M. Grandison

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    49 Facts — NO. 46

    Nursing students gain hands-on experience taking the pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate of our high-tech patient simulators (HPS) – computer driven human-like mannequins that can cry, sweat, bleed and even talk!