Celebrate with us.

Every anniversary needs a celebration. At Langara, we want to make sure we have a celebration fitting for our 49th year. It means a 18-month celebration, lots of cake, and you, our community, coming out to celebrate with us. 

Reconnect with former classmates and instructors. Let’s commemorate nearly five decades of education, community impact, and student success together. Be part of the celebration! 

Connect with us to hear about upcoming Beyond 49 events and activities.

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  • 49 Facts — NO. 13

    The College has its own apiary that is home to thousands of honey bees.

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We all have a memory worth sharing. Help us celebrate and tell us what you enjoyed about Langara. Need more space?

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  • I was new to Vancouver, Langara's coaching staff gave me a community of high performance. Something I was missing. – Jordan
  • Working with a fantastic group of employees. – Patricia Cia
  • Musqueam relations and the next 49 years of changing indigenous education. – Rick Ouellett
  • The success of our students for 49 years. – Marg Heldman
  • Langara's unique place and identity in higher learning in the lower mainland, after so many years. – Michael Fox
  • The difference we have made in the lives of so many students. – Gerda Krause
  • Seeing members of the Langara Chicken Hawks who played in the 1972 BC Winter Games (Brother Ron included). I was also the proud President of the Langara Commerce Club and would like to see other members. (1972) – Terry Sadler
  • As someone who has been around Langara long enough to hear stories of the original trek, I will definitely be celebrating this historic event. – Antonella Alves
  • I'm most excited to celebrate the people with whom I work - the IE family - and have the privilege to serve - our international students! – Teresa Brooks
  • I'm celebrating a world class institution that has been a stepping stone for me to reaching my goals and dreams. – Noor Kesbeh
  • I love the community of professionals I've come to know over the years through involvement in both theatre and film. – Chris Baker
  • The thousands of students who have found their passion at Langara over the past 49 years. – Carly Barrett
  • The quality of the teachers. – Jamil Fernando Garcia
  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, health, sustainability, and the Langara Gala along with the wonderful opportunities for musical connections it provided. – Susan Calvert
  • I'm celebrating Langara's engagement with the community. – Ally Baharoon

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    49 Facts — NO. 13

    The College has its own apiary that is home to thousands of honey bees.