Celebrate with us.

Every anniversary needs a celebration. At Langara, we want to make sure we have a celebration fitting for our 49th year. It means a 18-month celebration, lots of cake, and you, our community, coming out to celebrate with us. 

Reconnect with former classmates and instructors. Let’s commemorate nearly five decades of education, community impact, and student success together. Be part of the celebration! 

Connect with us to hear about upcoming Beyond 49 events and activities.

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  • 49 Facts — NO. 22

    David Robinson, one of Canada’s finest and most successful figurative sculptors, is an alumni of the College’s Fine Arts program.

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We all have a memory worth sharing. Help us celebrate and tell us what you enjoyed about Langara. Need more space?

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  • What are you most excited to celebrate about Langara?
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  • I'm celebrating the great experience I had at Langara helping me to achieve my educational goals. – Andrew Carbonneau
  • Thanks to Langara, I've become a "better me" every single day! – Jack Do
  • I am super excited to celebrate my 2 years with Langara. – Swedeep Virk
  • I have taught at Langara for the past 25 years. I would like to celebrate the careers and ongoing success of my students who work at libraries, archives, museums, and related organizations worldwide. – Guy Robertson
  • I'm excited for the positive energy, education and opportunities provided by the Langara. – Komalpreet Kaur
  • I am excited to celebrate all the knowledge and developments that make Langara one of the most recognized colleges in Canada. – Elaine A. Oliveira
  • As someone who has been around Langara long enough to hear stories of the original trek, I will definitely be celebrating this historic event. – Antonella Alves
  • As one of the old timers - I've been teaching at Studio 58 since 1974 - I am thrilled to have witnessed the evolution of Langara from the modest Vancouver City College campus to the outstanding educational institution it is today. The progress has been truly remarkable and we should all be proud of our accomplishments. – Kathryn Shaw
  • Langara's unique place and identity in higher learning in the lower mainland, after so many years. – Michael Fox
  • Celebrating the launch of the online Library and Information Technology Program and making the diploma accessible to students throughout the province. – Jacqueline Bradshaw
  • I will celebrate YOU. 49 is a perfect square (meaning 49, 7 to the power of 2). This college celebrated only 7 of them, but there are plenty of perfect things we can celebrate with our students and faculty. – Nora Franzova
  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, health, sustainability, and the Langara Gala along with the wonderful opportunities for musical connections it provided. – Susan Calvert
  • I'm celebrating Langara's engagement with the community. – Ally Baharoon
  • Musqueam relations and the next 49 years of changing indigenous education. – Rick Ouellett
  • Forever grateful to Langara for the opportunities given to me as a student, and now as a proud Alumni. Always a Langaran. – Christine Woodington

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    49 Facts — NO. 22

    David Robinson, one of Canada’s finest and most successful figurative sculptors, is an alumni of the College’s Fine Arts program.