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Langara College Emeriti

Langara College has changed in incredible ways over the past 49 years, and these changes are made possible by our amazing faculty and staff. Since 2013, we have celebrated the distinguished service of retired faculty and professional staff by awarding them with an Emeritus/Emerita designation.

Introducing our Emeriti.

Antony Holland, Artistic Director Emeritus, Theatre Arts at Studio 58
Mike Holmwood, Faculty Emeritus, Biology
Doug Soo, Dean Emeritus, Continuing Studies

James Johnstone Denholm, Principal Emeritus, Vancouver Community College
Patricia McKenzie, Faculty Emerita, Early Childhood Education
Norman Olinek, Faculty Emeritus, Kinesiology

Alister Browne, Faculty Emeritus, Philosophy
Cynthia Flood, Faculty Emerita, English
Abbe Nielsen, Faculty Emerita, Business Administration

Martin Gerson, Vice-President Emeritus, Academic and Provost Emeritus
Suki Grewal, Faculty Emerita, Nursing
Jane Heyman, Faculty Emerita, Theatre Arts at Studio 58
Linda Holmes, President Emerita

Robert Dykstra, Faculty Emeritus, Journalism
Gwyneth Lewis, Faculty Emerita, Classical Studies
Peter Prontzos, Faculty Emeritus, Political Science
Theodore Ryniak, Faculty Emeritus, Physics

Frances Gunberg, Faculty Emerita, Social Service Worker
Scott Plear, Faculty Emeritus, Fine Arts
Barbara Wuhrer, Faculty Emerita, Langara School of Management

Deanna Douglas, Vice-President Emerita, Administration and Finance
Cheryl McKeeman, Faculty Emerita, Mathematics and Statistics
Peter Norwood, Faculty Emeritus, Langara School of Management