Celebrating 40 years of the School of Takudai

Thursday, November 29, 2018 

Officials from Langara College and Takushoku University came together on Saturday, November 24, 2018 to celebrate a 40-year partnership that has allowed more than 800 students from Takushoku to study English at Langara. The Canadian School of Takudai at Langara is the longest-running, concurrent program between a Japanese and Canadian institution.

“Our university currently partners with 53 institutions located in 22 countries around the world,” said Shoichi Suzuki, Vice-President Takushoku University. “Among them, the Canadian School of Takudai is the oldest and most successful program.”

Since 1978, groups of students have come to Langara from Takushoku for a 6-8 month intensive English language and cultural immersion program while living with local host families. In 2001, students were incorporated into the Langara English for Academic Program (LEAP) to study with other international students.

“So far, we have not only improved our English skills, we have also learned many other things. Since Canada is a multicultural country, we can meet and talk to people from all over the world. This allows us to learn about other interesting cultures and to improve our global knowledge,” said Manami Tochimoto, a current student in the program. “This will be very useful for us in the future.”

Takushoku University officials, Langara officials, the Japanese Consul General, as well as current and former administrators, staff, instructors, host families, and students attended the event. Commemorative gifts were exchanged between the two institutions to recognize the significance of the event.

“We are proud to be part of the educational journey of the Takudai students and feel that their enthusiasm and dedication enriches our program and has had a lasting impact on the college community,” Valerie Peters, Associate Director, International Programs.

Since 1985 there has been an annual tree planting ceremony during which College officials, a Takushoku representative, and the students plant a tree and place a plaque – both donated to the College by the students – that commemorates the students’ time at Langara.

40th Anniversary Celebration of the Canadian School of Takudai