Langara celebrates 25th anniversary.

Monday, April 1, 2019 

Twenty-five years ago today, Langara College opened it’s doors as an independent public college. This year’s 25th anniversary is being marked as part of a much broader celebration, Beyond 49, the College’s 49th year on West 49th Ave. Beyond 49 is an 18-month integrated celebration, alumni engagement, and fundraising campaign which celebrates all that the College has achieved in it’s first 49 years.

Linda Holmes, Langara’s first President, recalls the transition to the College’s independence in the spring of 1994.

“April 1, 1994 dawned as the day when a piper would usher Minister of  Post-Secondary Education, Dan Miller, and other dignitaries into the gymnasium, to officially declare that Langara was a stand-alone College. What was not so obvious that day was the fact that many Langarans, especially the members of Langara Council, had been working behind the scenes since December, 1992, to create the foundation for Langara College. As always, the reason for the success of the College is the people who are willing to work hard to create a product that they are proud of.”

Guy Robertson, an instructor in the Library Information Technology program and a Beyond 49 Ambassador, recalled his first experiences when he began teaching at Langara in 1993. “When I arrived at Langara in 1993, the internet was in its infancy. There were no cell phones or iPads. Students still used typewriters to write their essays, and some submitted handwritten work. Now the production of assignments relies on sophisticated technology, and students press send to deliver their work,” he recalls.

“But some things never change. Photocopiers still jam, and faculty members curse them in a broad range of languages including Mandarin, Portuguese, and Arabic. What one now hears in the vicinity of the mailroom photocopiers is a vigorous testament to our campus multiculturalism.”

The College continued to grow quickly in the late 1990s, adding more classroom and office space with the opening of the B building in 1997. Langara Continuing Studies also began operations in 1997, quickly establishing itself as a leader in the providing of lifelong learning opportunities.

Join us at Community Day presented by RBC Royal Bank on Saturday, June 15 and help us celebrate Langara’s journey. Learn more about the event and sign-up for updates.