Love Beyond 49.

Langara has been the start of many incredible stories over the past 49 years and for many Langarans it was the place where they found love. The connections, friendships, and everlasting relationships built at Langara is what makes our College so special.

In honour of our 49th anniversary and Valentine’s Day, we wanted to reconnect with Langarans who met their significant others at the College and celebrate their Love Beyond 49.

While playing Cupid we met several wonderful couples from across Langara’s history, representative of Langara’s many programs. But three in particular caught our eye.



Alne and Owen met through a student club here on campus, Altitude: The Langara Student Choir. At Owen’s suggestion, they performed a duet for a club talent show, a cover of the Jason Mraz song ‘I’m Yours’. The pitch-perfect couple followed up with tacos, and have been together for one year now. Alne’s suggestion for singles? “Join clubs!”




Journalism provides it’s fair share of couples. The small, cohesive cohorts are together every day, working under pressure and learning the news business. It’s no surprise then that our other two couples are both J-school graduates!


Christine and Brent were in the one-year Certificate Program in 2007. It may not have been love at first sight, but they got to know each other over many pitchers of beer with their classmates. Soon they began dating – impossible to keep a secret, given their choice of field. Brent quickly realized a good thing and cancelled plans to move back to Ontario, having scored a job AND a girlfriend. In 2019, they’ll celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary and the third birthday of their son, Thomas. Every time they drive by Langara, they tell Thomas, “That’s where Mommy and Daddy met!”



Stefania and Samuel graduated from the two-year Diploma Program in 2009. Despite living in neighbourhoods close to each other, they’d never crossed paths. Theybecame friends at the beginning, and a year later they were together. They bonded over silly tv shows, homework, and sealed the deal with a New Year’s Eve kiss in the snow! This past January, Stefania and Samuel celebrated 10 years together, having been married for the last three, followed by son Max’s arrival in 2018.