Students help make solar power at Langara possible.

The first project funded by the Langara College Sustainability Fund was successfully implemented. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of Langara’s Science and Technology building. The building was originally designed with the intention that the panels would be added at a future date.

The Langara Sustainability Club, led by co-founders and environmental business students Cameron Bower and Sterling Keful, was the driving force behind fundraising for the project. Estabilished in 2016, the club aims to raise awareness and take action to address environmental concerns at Langara.

Bower and Keful, guided by Langara School of Management instructor Deland Jessop, held a variety of fundraisers over the last year to support the project, including selling doughnuts.

“Cameron and Sterling were in my class and they had developed the Sustainability Club, and I mentioned this idea regarding solar panels being set up through charitable donations. I spoke to the Foundation and discovered that any donations would be matched,” said Jessop. “This had me sold, so I donated some money to get it going and Cameron and Sterling were dedicated to raising funds through numerous events. They worked really hard to get the project finished.”

Contributions to the Sustainability Fund were also made by a major individual donor, as well as through a grant courtesy of Vancity.

The electricity generated from the 6kW system that was installed is estimated to be approximately 6,000 kWh per year. This is the equivalent of an EV Car travelling 32,000kms, or 1,600 trips to Langara at an average of 20km per trip!

The Science and Technology Building, built to LEED® gold standards, is located on the northwest side of the campus by the Library building. It houses state-of-the-art biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, nursing, and computing science labs, as well as a lecture hall, multi-purpose classrooms, and collaborative study spaces.