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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer-based software for mapping and analyzing features and events across a geographical space. GIS technology integrates common database operations with maps and provides tools for display and analysis of various statistics, including population characteristics, economic development opportunities, and other socio-economic information. There are also many natural environmental uses such as mapping flora and fauna, creating models for natural systems, and environmental impact analysis.

With the growth of enrolment in geography, business, and applied planning programs, and with more interest to expand curriculum and include GIS concepts by other departments (e.g. Marketing Management, Criminology, Library Technology) with GIS technology, an expanded space and additional licenses are needed.

A second Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab will support the increased demand for teaching, learning and applied research and analysis activities of Langara College in the Department of Geography and Geology, the School of Management, and Continuing Studies.

Funding was provided by a private family foundation to add a computer equipment and software licenses to renovate a 30-seat lab space in Building A. 

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“We are grateful for the generous funding of this GIS lab, which will improve our students’ spatial literacy and abilities to integrate into smart cities, businesses, and workforces. In addition, Langara College’s capacity to support research and learning in this dynamic and growing field of study will undoubtedly expand.” – Drew Egan
Instructor, Department of Geography & Geology

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