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It is well documented, that the incidence of mental health issues amongst post-secondary students has dramatically increased over the past 10 years. To keep pace, the Counselling Department requires additional ways to efficiently triage, accurately document, and holistically support student mental health. The Titanium medical records system is a solution that will provide the software to automate the student intake process, provide centralized online access to records for counsellors when treating students, and improve counselling overall support to students with mental health issues.

Funding was provided by the RBC Foundation for the purchase of the Titanium software and dedicated server required to exclusively house student records.

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“Titanium will allow the Counselling Department to dramatically improve our overall efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, it will allow us to improve our services to students by having more comprehensive and expedient access to student information, risk notifications, and client notes and records.The support of RBC has really made our vision a reality. ” – Michele Bowers
Department Chair, Counselling

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