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Langara College provides accessible, high-quality undergraduate, career, and continuing educational programs and services that meet the needs of our diverse learners and the communities we serve. Known as Canada’s pathway college, Langara provides students with the academic and experiential foundation to chart their course to further education, professional and personal development, and career success.  

Over the past 49 years, Langara has helped many students get their start. We want to ensure that every student that walks onto our campus has the support that they need to succeed and find their own path. To commemorate our 49th year on West 49th Avenue, we have created the Beyond 49 fund to help fund student initiatives, and financial support for those in need by creating new scholarships and bursaries.

By contributing to the Beyond 49 Fund , you can change the lives of our students. As one of the most accessible post-secondary institutions in BC, Langara makes education possible for everyone and your donation can really make an impact.  Your gift could help support single parents wanting to make a better future for their children, help future nurses focus on helping others, inspire entrepreneurs to turn a small idea into reality, or help a student adjust to college life as the first in their family to pursue post-secondary education.  

Our donors make a real difference in our students’ lives every day. You can give the gift of education by providing financial support to a student. In 2017, Langara distributed $672,844 in support to students. Over 1,100 applications were received for financial aid and 34% of students who applied did not receive funds.  

Support a Langara student through their educational journey and help them achieve more.  

Have a passion for film or maybe nursing? Do you want to give back to your program at Langara? There are a number of existing scholarships and bursaries that you could give to on our donation form. Choose one that best fits your interests.

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“I will forever be grateful that I was given the privilege to complete my post secondary degree and break the cycle in my family as well as now being able to now further give back to my community. Without the help of donors, I would have not been able to focus my time on my passions and learning while trying to stay financially afloat. ” – Lillian Wass
Nursing student and Bursary recipient

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We have a giving community made up of greatest ambassadors and champions. There are many ways that you can give to the College and support student success.

  • Looking for your next star employee? Consider hiring a Langara student or new graduate. Access a fantastic prospective pool of candidates and open up opportunities for a fellow Langaran.

  • Help us bring Langarans together by hosting an alumni meet-up event or share your experiences with the next generation of Langarans and inspire our students to achieve. We’ll help you every step of the way.

  • Your continued financial support helps provide more scholarships and bursaries, new equipment, and other academic support to assist our students while achieving their academic goals.

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