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There are a lot of moving parts when you are running one of the nation’s leading theatre programs. And with the support of the Studio 58 Annual Fund and a private donation, Studio 58 now have a new tool that will improve efficiency and bring the program into the 21st century.

ASIMUT is a scheduling, room booking and event management software, that is used by some of the world’s top performing arts schools including Juilliard in New York. The software is the perfect solution to planning education for the arts, combining room booking, scheduling and event management in one simple system.

The new program allows instructors to spend more time with the students and less time manipulating numerous schedules manually. Until recently, Studio 58 relied on one computer and multiple users to manage the “back of house” operations. This approach led to confusion, scheduling errors, and confusion amongst the students. ASIMUT allows several administrators to schedule activities and students receive instant updates.

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“A key improvement to our academic and artistic health, this initiative will benefit the school, the cultural life of Langara College and the artistic community of Vancouver” – David Hudgins
Associate Director, Studio 58

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