Brian Parker

Humanities & Social Sciences Alum 

I came to Langara as an older student who was long out of school and had tried to find a course that would train me for different, more satisfying work. No other college would even take the time to talk to me. The Langara Counselling office took time to sit down with me and find out what I wanted and help me find the courses that would take me on my new journey. I took the courses, worked hard and helped out by the incredible faculty, graduated with honours. That one year gave me an education that would allow me to do the work I do and have done for over 30 years. When I wanted to augment my education almost two decades later, it was again Langara that came to my rescue with further, similar help. I cannot express my gratitude to Langara enough – almost more than anything this College has helped to shape my future. I cannot recommend them highly enough.