Gerda Krause

I started at Langara College as a Biology instructor and I’ve been here a long time now. Teaching is very rewarding in many ways. It’s a joy to watch students become engaged; it is also great to see how learning opens their eyes to the world.

I have been here a long time and I really enjoy being at the College. I feel that Langara is a truly collegial place, with a strong collegial culture. I’ve dedicated my working life here, it’s my career. It is work that I can be proud of, work that is meaningful to me and has allowed me to grow and try new things. Langara is an intuition that I can be proud of.

I have advised students and parents in the strangest of ways. I run into them in public, while getting an x-ray done, and parents or students will tell me that their son or daughter wants to study, but they are unsure about where to go. And I would suggest that they consider Langara because it’s a little bit smaller, the classes are easier for students to adapt to, etc. The best part is that I can be completely honest with my opinion, because I think Langara is a genuinely wonderful place.

The best part about Langara is that we work on things together. I like being a part of a culture where people care about one another, and about their students, and about the direction of the College.

In my time at Langara, I’ve had the pleasure of initiating the formation of the retiree group, the mini conferences and various other things over the years. In some ways, it can be challenging to build teams, get people to work together and accomplish something new and exciting, and to find a way to do something old in a new way. I like creating efficiencies. It’s also been exciting to have the opportunity to encourage new faculty to contribute in other ways, pulling people into committees, getting them involved in new projects and in a new direction, it’s all very satisfying work.

The best part about Langara is you can talk to most strangers in Vancouver and they have some kind of Langara connection. They have either taken a course here, or they know someone who has taken a course here or works here. So many people have been touched by Langara in their education and their careers, and it acts as a huge and very positive influence.

I find people to be very interesting. We have a wonderful, engaged committee faculty and administrators, and they’re always interesting. They come up with new ideas, new directions, and they don’t always agree and that’s fine, it’s part of the fun.