Gladys Ka Hei Lai

I graduated from the Langara BSN program in December 2008. I started my career at VGH on a high acuity surgical ward. I’ve been in roles such as nurse in charge, senior step-down nurse, as well as being a preceptor for various nursing programs. Of all the students I have preceptored and worked with, I can attest that Langara nursing students are one of the best. After being on a surgical ward for many years, a decision was made to migrate to the operating room in 2013. This is because I aspired to partake in surgical missions to help those in need. To my surprise, I missed being a preceptor, or a facilitator to students. With this in mind, I pursued my master’s degree at UBC in 2018 and I plan to become a nurse educator thereafter. In hindsight, I would like to give thanks to Langara as their BSN program has equipped me with the fundamentals to prosper in my nursing career.