Linda Bardini

Former student | 1995-1999

I met my husband at Langara College in 1998. We both rode our bikes to school and met in a Women in Psychology class. Over the course of the semester he tried to connect with me by inviting me out for a bike ride and offered to tune up my bike and put on new brakes. He put the brakes on a Wednesday night and took his time. Two days later it was Friday the 13th. I was riding to school when a pick-up truck cut me off forcing me to break hard. It was a bad cycling accident that left me injured. I managed to call him that day and thank him for saving my life. If it had not been for the new brakes I would have faired much worse.

The next day, I heard the constant buzzing of my door bell but could hardly move to answer it. When I finally did, I was met with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Girl Guide cookies, and a mixed tape called “The Recovery Recordings” with the first song Crash In To Me by The Dave Mathews Band. We have been together ever since, bought a home, and had two children. Langara was an amazing experience that helped both of us launch successful careers and receive an outstanding education. Thanks Langara College!