Michelle Mina

Original Langara student 

I graduated from high school in 1969. My marks were not good. It was very important to my parents that I go to University, as they were both immigrants and did not have a chance to complete their education. I was really afraid to apply to UBC, as I didn’t know how I would do, or even it I would get in, with my marginal grades. Somehow, I researched VCC and convinced my parents that it would be best for me to go there and not to UBC. I started at 12th and Oak, then moved to the new Langara campus a few months later when it opened. It was the best decision I made. I got the personalized attention that I needed, had excellent teacher and mentors. I went in with 63% marks and came out with 88% and a 50% scholarship to UBC. I graduated from UBC in 1973, then went on to another degree at the University of Manitoba in 1980.