Viola Funk

The giddy sense of wonder induced by my discovery in the Library of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, which we were assigned to consult by my linguistics prof. Debates about issues in biomedical ethics under the inimitable tutelage of Dr Alister Browne—issues I think about to this day. Delicious, cheap-as-borscht Indian buffet dinners at Himalaya Restaurant on Main Street. Long solitary walks along the uncannily rural Langara Trail while I waited for an evening class to start.

These are some of the many rich memories I formed while attending Langara as a mature student at age 25. The year I was there, 1993–94, was the year Langara officially left the VCC fold and became an independent institution—a fitting coincidence, because attending Langara helped me take crucial steps towards independence. As the first (and still the only) person in my immediate family to attend post-secondary schooling, I found Langara an ideal way to equip myself for transferring to Simon Fraser University. The small class sizes and engaged, accessible instructors benefitted me dramatically. I hope Langara is still keeping it real today, and here’s to another 49 on 49th.

Viola Funk
Faculty Association Educational Excellence
and Goel scholarship recipient
B.A. (Honours), Simon Fraser University (1998)